Pictures That Will Take Some Time To Understand What’s Going On

It’s easy to think that we have all the answers. Remember that kid in elementary school who sat right up front and would always put up their hand, just begging to answer the teacher’s question? Ya, no one liked that kid.

As we get older, we learn that sometimes, we don’t have all the answers. There are just some things in this world that are too weird for us to be able to answer ‘wtf is that?’ I mean, who knows why a toilet would come with a remote, or what the dog’s doing in the fish tank. All we can do is shrug our shoulders, squint real hard, and eventually move on.

Looks Like A Paper Mache Mask You’d Make In School

the mask.jpg

Photo Credit: Bearsandgravy/Reddit

It looks like all those mystery movies finally taught you something. It’s probably best to just leave this right where it is.

The chance of playing some pranks on people isn’t worth the risk. Even if it does look like a sketchy version of the mask Jim Carrey wore, don’t bother picking it up.

Too Late, Special Touches Are Coming

okay then.jpg

Photo Credit: Quintonong63/Reddit

Yeah, you have to be with whoever received this. If you’re going to get any sort of special touching, there needs to be a party planning committee for this.

You know what though, this is just an awkward way that fortune cookies slide into people’s DMs.

Stay Put

care pile up.jpg

Photo Credit: Sir-Dethicus/Reddit

Defeated cars should not be on poles like they’re war trophies. That will make you not want to go in there and see what else they have behind that fence.

I mean, you can take the chance that it’s just someone playing a joke with a crane, but honestly, this is a bad sign. Just ahead, it’s hard to tell how they got into the next situation. Apparently, they needed all the help in the world.

Bears With Grillz

bears with grillz.jpg

Photo Credit: thetafferboy/Reddit

No matter how sketchy this bear looks, the teeth are like their version of grillz. It’s pretty obvious why the kids will scream and cry after they see this.

The real question here is how the bear got those teeth. If they fall off, does the tooth fairy come?

You’re The Master Of Your Domain


Photo Credit: t_ommyg/Reddit

My first encounter with a bidet, unfortunately, occurred when I was five-years-old. I thought it was a drinking fountain, only to find out soon what it really was.

However, this could become the best toilet ever. Think about it — you do your business then you just use a switch to flush. Maybe they should work out the kinks first.

Just Keep Pushing

push it out.jpg

Photo Credit: Unpurified-Water/Reddit

It’s hard to tell how they got into this situation. Apparently, these two needed an extra push to the gas station… while they were at the gas station.

Now, that sounds like a lucky thing to happen, but a lot of cars in this gallery are waiting to use the pumps too. This is nothing but an orchestra with car horns. Coming up, one vehicle that will put Pimp My Ride to shame.

The Starting Right Tackle Wasn’t The Best Choice


Photo Credit: TheGoogolplex/Reddit

This is the first attempt at building a chair. The result isn’t much of a surprise, but actually having to do this was probably overwhelming.

Especially with the help of the school’s right tackle, you would have thought they would have it done by now. Sadly, they’ll be here for hours.

No Iceberg Made That Boat Sink


Photo Credit: omg_its_arun_/Reddit

On the bright side, it’s not a big boat, and nobody froze to death. That’s going to take awhile to get the boat back up to shore.

Or, you could just leave it there and let it rot. Years later, when tourists come by the docks, someone has to make up a story about this being a haunted boat.

Pimp My Ride Never Came Up With This


Photo Credit: sirphreaksalot/Reddit

This puts rapper Xzibit to shame. I’m really curious to see how they came up with this. However, it’s not worth exploring until I find out what is going on here.

Is this guy on his way to take down Godzilla? I doubt it, but they’re certainly not on there way to a car show. Some people try to be like Evil Knevil, and the reason why you shouldn’t is just around the corner.

This Isn’t An Illusion


Photo Credit: @streetcatto/Instagram

Oh yeah, you see there perfectly square holes in lakes all summer long. This isn’t the apocalypse or anything like that, but maybe it’s a trap door to another dimension.

It’s not like there wasn’t some kind of warning sign about to not go near the hole. If someone did, well, that’s their fault.

How Old Will You Be When The Time’s Up?

please try again later.jpg

Photo Credit: Paydirt128/Reddit

Man, put that phone in rice. Nobody will know what year or day that iPod will finally be unlocked. Turning it on and off might work, but maybe taking this to the Apple store will do the trick.

If there’s nothing you can do, look into getting a new iPod. Oh well, at least it’s fully charged.

Trying To Be Like Evil Knevil


Photo Credit: Imgur

This isn’t the work of Evil Knevil. He would have cleared all the bikes with ease.

If you think you can pull off a dangerous stunt like this, you need a better vehicle than that. Maybe an old school Corvet or a motorcycle could have done the trick, but at least nobody died. Need a reason for someone to not give you a parking ticket? More on that later.

A Pizza Mishap That’s Too Cheesy

pizza mishap.jpg

Photo Credit: SeriousPan/Reddit

How can people pay for this? As a former pizza cook who never worked for Pizza Hut, this is a shame.

Even if this was delivered by UberEats, you now know not to get pizza from those guys. I’d be on the phone demanding a refund or another fresh pizza on the house.



Photo Credit: Gughita/Reddit

It’s okay to be shy when you’re a kid. But, it would be better if she took the classic “hide behind mom’s back” approach.

You can’t really argue this method since it’s hilarious. It makes her feel like she’s Deadmau5, but also extremely uncomfortable at the same time.



Photo Credit: Imgur

Somebody must know that it’s a no parking zone, but they think they can get away with a cheesy letter.

Who knows, maybe there’s a gift card with the letter, but I don’t think anyone would be fooled by this. Think of the number of people who try to do this — they almost always get a ticket afterward. The best excuse to get out of work has to do with some fireworks and your car tire.

You Can Pop A Wheelie So Many Times


Photo Credit: spinphantom/Reddit

Back in my day, we would take the nail out and buy a new tire. This definitely sucks, but I think that the universe is trying to point out something.

You shouldn’t be riding your bike on a trail with so many nails. You’re going to have a bad time, and there’s a pretty good chance you’ll get hurt.

Doggo Got Themselves In A Pickle

dog in fish tank.jpg

Photo Credit: SleepTightLilPuppy/Reddit

The dog must have learned from the cat. Doggo must have believed that if the cat can get up on the fish tank, so can they.

Unfortunately, cats and dogs are different sizes, so this will be a little tough to get the dog out. Perhaps it’s time to move the fish tank somewhere else.

How To Get Out Of Work 101


Photo Credit: GuyDoodles/Reddit

There’s getting a flat tire, and then there’s a way to get out of work if you really want to. But, this time around, there’s no nail in the tire.

Instead, it’s a firework that could have exploded the car and the person could have died. Hopefully, they have a spare tire in the back.

Don’t Let Your Boss Find Out About This

jenga jenga jenga.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

Playing Jenga at work can be risky. However, when the boss isn’t around, try it out. Trust me, it’s a lot of fun, but don’t let the new kid get involved.

There’s a good chance they’ll screw up the skid of soda, and the next thing you know, they don’t work there anymore.

Drunken Mishaps Cause Fires

pizza in oven fail.jpg

Photo Credit: evanwildct60/Reddit

Typical rookie mistake. You need to pay strong attention when it comes to making pizza in the oven.

Especially when you had a lot to drink, it’s important not to pass out. However, these folks will learn next time that they shouldn’t leave the kitchen when there’s food in the oven.