Strange Pictures That Make Us Stop And Think “Of COURSE That’s A Thing”

Every so often, you see an object that makes you wonder how you ever lived your life without it. All of the items on this list are one hundred percent real. They are also all things that I apparently really want for some reason.

Keep reading to find out how you can get your hands on a raincoat for your shoes, a nightstand for your enemies, and a centaur for your hand. Don’t worry, all of that will make sense in due course.

A Lettuce Umbrella

Photo Credit: TedCruzStoleMyMcRib / Reddit
Photo Credit: TedCruzStoleMyMcRib / Reddit

Lettuce get out of the rain. Get it? It’s a vegetable pun. This is actually a great way to incorporate inevitable wrinkling into the umbrella design.

I would definitely buy this gadget. I’m glad that it exists. Apparently, it’s good at keeping you dry, but it’s not so great as a wind barrier.