Terrifyingly Real Pictures Of Ghosts That Will Have You Avoiding The Ouija Board At All Costs

Questions have been asked for centuries regarding paranormal activity. Millions of enthusiasts and experts have been fascinated by the legitimacy of ghosts. This article has collected some of the most chilling pictures of the supernatural for your, uh, viewing pleasure?

Some of these photos were sent in by everday people like you and me while other pictures are very well known to paranormal fans. Whether you believe or not, it’s in your best interest to check these out and make an educated decision afterward.

Family Picture Circa 1930 In New Zealand

Photo Credit: Reddit / Njfurlong
Photo Credit: Reddit / Njfurlong

This is a family picture from the 1930s, New Zealand. While the ghost standing near the top center of the screen might not be noticeable to us right away, apparently it haunted this family for years.

She would frequent their bedside table or the end of their bed, just standing in one place. There’s no backstory to who they think she is, but nonetheless, it’s creepy.