The Creepiest Things Ever Found In The Woods

The woods can be an eerie place. Unless you’re in a crowded campground surrounded by families enjoying the great outdoors, it isn’t the most welcoming of places. It’s not unusual to see or hear things that aren’t actually there, as your mind can play tricks on you with all of the shadows and sounds of nature. However, sometimes, there actually is something there, and a typical walk can turn into something out of a nightmare. Don’t forget a flashlight, these are the creepiest things people have ever seen in the woods.

A Tombstone That Had Been Moved

Marie Holmes gravestone

In 2005, a local Santa Cruz resident and avid hiker, River Wolf, was exploring the nearby redwoods when he discovered a white headstone laying flat on an embankment. Although he continued on, seven years later, he returned to headstone and discovered it belonged to a woman named Marie Holmes.

As it turns out, that headstone had been removed from its original graveyard where Holmes had been buried. Apparently, Homes had been a prostitute who killed herself by drinking poison in 1898.