The Russian Mirny Mine Is Truly Mind-Boggling

There’s a giant hole in the middle of the Russian province of Siberia that is shrouded in all kinds of mystery. The man-made hole is where people made a fortune excavating diamonds. In the process, people also lost their lives.

While most of us are just now learning about the Mirny mine, conspiracy theorists have had their eyes on this hole for decades. They want to know the details of what happened here and whether the rumor that the hole can suck helicopters out of the sky is true. Keep reading to find out why geologists started digging the mine that became one of the largest excavated holes in the world.

The Mirny Diamond Mine

This giant crater is located in the remote Russian town of Mirny, in Siberia. The hole is an old diamond mine that’s an incredible 1,722 feet deep. Excavation of the mine began in 1957 and it’s now one of the largest man-made holes on Earth.

Photo Credit: Staselnik
Photo Credit: Staselnik

After word spread about this diamond mine, it became the center of some pretty wild conspiracy theories. So what exactly is going on with this giant crater? Keep reading to find out.