These Photos Taken From An Odd Perspective Will Make You Do A Double Take

There’s more to these photos than what meets the eye. It looks like there’s something really fishy going on in all of these confusing pictures, but really it’s just perspective playing tricks on you. Take another look and you’ll figure out what’s really happening.

Keep reading to see some camera angles that will turn your mind into mush. Is that really a cat with tiny arms, or is your brain playing tricks on you?

The Skinniest Legs Around

Photo Credit: `heshotcyrus / Reddit
Photo Credit: `heshotcyrus / Reddit

I don’t think the combination of vertical and horizontal stripes is the weirdest thing about this photo. I honestly thought she had two very skinny legs until I noticed that she was just standing sideways and wearing striped pants.

I guess Shafeeq and I were on the same page.