These Pictures Prove That Whoever Melt It, Delt It

The word “melt” brings both negative and positive thoughts to my mind. Melted cheese is probably one of the greatest items of food, well, ever. Melted butter spread on a toasted bun is exactly what dreams are made of, but not everything melted is better.

For example, when your car literally melts, it’s anything but a treat. When your ice cream turns to liquid, it’s one of the most devastating things in the world. These pictures of bizarre items after they melted is both intriguing and sad.

Avoid Parking Near Building Fires

These cars were parked across the street from a massive building fire and now they look like someone spilled a bunch of ice cream all over them.

This picture should work as a public service announcement to park away from any building that could, uh, potentially catch on fire, I guess?

Melted Glass From A Burned Down House

I don’t know about you, but when I glance at this picture, I start to get thirsty. This melted glass looks like the cleanest glacier water I’ve ever seen.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Majez
Photo Credit: Reddit / Majez

In reality, if you tried to drink this, it probably wouldn’t be as refreshing as it looks. In fact, your throat wouldn’t end up enjoying it whatsoever.

Crosswalk Or Ice Cream?

Your first reaction to looking at this picture will tell us everything we need to know about you.

Photo Credit: Reddit / wohdude
Photo Credit: Reddit / wohdude

If you looked at this and immediately started craving some sort of ice cream, you probably need to get your life together. If you looked at this and saw a melted crosswalk, you’re perfectly fine. Coming up, a clock that will have you thinking you need some strong glasses.

If Cars Could Cry

I bet you haven’t thought about what it feels like emotionally to be a car. You give, give, give, but never get anything in return.

These cars have had enough of being ignored. They’re letting out all of their tears together in an incredible visual. You don’t get to see this every day.

Hopefully It Writes In Cursive Now

Can we just talk about how irrelevant it was to learn how to write in cursive? Many of us spent our formative years trying to perfect cursive writing and yet, I’ve never used it.

Photo Credit: Reddit / oobwoo
Photo Credit: Reddit / oobwoo

Maybe instead of learning how to write without having to take our pen off of the paper between letters, we learn how to do our taxes.

Soft Clocks

Either I’m having some seriously blurry vision, or this clock has already started melting.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Proteon
Photo Credit: Reddit / Proteon

If you had eyesight problems before looking at this picture, it’s only going to get worse. Coming up, a TV that literally melted because it wanted to stop showing reality TV.

That Crane Needs Some Caffeine

Parts of this crane remind me of exactly how it feels to wake up on a Monday morning.

You feel droopy, worn out before the day even starts, and in need of some serious coffee. On a serious note, HOW HOT DOES THIS DAY HAVE TO BE TO MELT A CRANE? Jesus.

Cars Are Actually Just Accelerated Saunas

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it’s probably not smart to drink anything out of that bottle.

Photo Credit: Reddit / aaronespro
Photo Credit: Reddit / aaronespro

If you leave anything in your car on a hot day, you kiss it goodbye because that car is going to turn into a sauna and melt your belongings real quick.

Too Much Reality TV

This TV had enough of the content that they were showing on it, so it decided to self-implode.

Photo Credit: Reddit / pete_si
Photo Credit: Reddit / pete_si

The TV didn’t want to be able to function anymore knowing that TLC and Keeping Up With The Kardashians was the only things being binged watched. Just ahead, a bag of sour worms melted and they’re unrecognizable.

I Got No Sole Left

Imagine going out for a night on the town wearing stilts, I mean heels, and then having the sole MELT off?

It’s hard enough to walk around in heels trying to pretend that you’re comfortable. Don’t even get me started with the whole trying to dance thing.

An Interesting Chain Reaction

This chain was actually melting into the dumpster that it was laying on and it looks pretty cool.

This could be an accident that this dumpster company will use to better their design. They might start melting chain imprints into all of their dumpsters if they turn out looking this fun,

Not Sour Worms Anymore

This rainbow swirl used to be the treasure of the candy world. Sour worms are one of the most underrated blasts of sugar on the shelves.

Photo Credit: Reddit / dervalient
Photo Credit: Reddit / dervalient

It angers me that sour worms constantly rank lower than sour patch kids and black licorice. This shouldn’t happen. Coming up, if you didn’t need a reason to get air conditioning before, you will after seeing this picture.

Just One More Reason To Hate Outhouses

“I love going to the bathroom in an outhouse,” says no one, ever. The fact that this one is melting in the middle of nowhere certainly doesn’t help the likeability either.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Omnifox
Photo Credit: Reddit / Omnifox

I don’t even want to start talking about how the inside of that thing would smell because it could make me sick just thinking about it.

I Feel Like This Drops Its Market Price

You have to look at the bright side if you’re a home buyer. The fact that the house is literally melting will make the market price shoot down.

I mean, I’m not a real estate agent, but I can only assume that when a house is this close to turning into a puddle, it’s not necessarily a selling feature.

This Is Why Air Conditioning Is So Important

Can we just talk about the importance of air conditioning for a quick second? I don’t understand how anyone can survive in a house that’s hotter than what it is outside.

Air conditioning isn’t just cold air — it’s a best friend. You create an incredibly close relationship with AC because it’s basically what keeps you alive. Coming up, the most chill looking candle you’ll ever see.

That’s Some High Voltage

So I guess this is what happens when a power line falls down and decides that it wants to carve some jibberish into the road.

Photo Credit: Reddit / tavenger5
Photo Credit: Reddit / tavenger5

On a serious note, this is absolutely insane. The fact that an electrical cord can do that much damage to asphalt is terrifying.

Can You Guess What This Is?

This is the end result of someone putting a plastic plate into the oven and then leaving it there.

This looks like some type of 3D diagram that a fourth-year medical student would have to memorize or something.

The Chillest Candle Ever

If this candle was a mom, it would be the mom that lets you stay out after the street lights turned off.

Photo Credit: Reddit / zachharrison
Photo Credit: Reddit / zachharrison

If this candle was a rapper, it would be Snoop Dogg. This has got to be the most chill candle of all time.

I Don’t Know What This Is, But It Doesn’t Look Good

I’m not really a mechanic so I don’t know much, but I do know that if your truck is leaking a silver liquid, it can’t be a good thing.

This truck looks like Mater from the movie Cars. Maybe this is how Mater goes to the bathroom. That’d make this way cooler.

Lost All Your Marbles

Not to self: If your house catches fire, make sure to grab your marbles before leaving because they don’t look the same after being exposed to some heat.

Photo Credit: Reddit / beyla
Photo Credit: Reddit / beyla

These marbles look like they’re those rocks that you can buy and put in the middle of your kitchen table as eye candy. So I guess it’s not a total loss.