These Things Look Delicious, But Do Not, Under Any Circumstances, Put Them In Your Mouth

Sometimes, things that are not food look so much like something edible that you just want to pop them into your mouth and live your life. The thing is, if you eat some of the things on this list, you might end up cutting your life real short. Or you just might end up getting really, really sick.

Let’s not have another Tide Pod fiasco. Let’s prove to the world that we’re capable of controlling our urges. Keep reading to see some elastic bands that will make you want Italian food and a mattress that will give you ice cream dreams.

These Are Not Gummy Bears

Photo Credit: AntipatheticDating / Reddit
Photo Credit: AntipatheticDating / Reddit

I know these primary colored translucent bears look like they’re made out of something edible, but they’re actually made out of soap.

Nobody should ever eat these. I know they look like they taste delicious, but they absolutely do not.