TV Bandit Leaves Television Sets On More Than 50 Porches In Virginia

Man holding TV

More than 50 citizens of Henrico County, Virginia received presents in mid-August 2019. Many woke up to more-or-less outdated television sets on their doorsteps. According to Matt Pecka, a lieutenant at the local police station, residents began calling about the mysterious TVs on Sunday, August 11, 2019.

Jeanne Brooksbank, a resident in the surrounding area, said, “Everyone started coming out of their houses, walking around the neighborhood looking at the TVs there on the doorstep […] It was very Twilight Zone.” Those who received a television set say that the TVs were left on their porch with the screen facing inward toward the door.

Some people then looked at their doorbell cameras in hopes of catching a glimpse of the TV bandit. This is where things get particularly strange.

As if receiving a random TV on your doorstep isn’t odd enough, the person delivering the televisions was even more bizarre. They were seen dressed in a blue jumpsuit, black gloves, boots, and also had a TV set on their shoulders, blocking their face.

The police discovered that the suspect also had an assistant, someone else in a white jumpsuit who also wore a TV on their head as they made their deliveries. Pecka stated that the prank was deemed harmless to the residents and that it was “unique.”

The police then borrowed a truck from the Solid Waste Department and went about collecting the TVs with plans to recycle them. While the police don’t plan to further investigate, they encouraged the residents to contact police about any suspicious activity.

Nicknamed the “TV Santa Claus” by the local residents, many found the suspicious activity to just be the work of a rather odd prankster and don’t plan to press charges if caught. One resident reported that she “felt lucky she got a TV” considering all of the horrible things occurring in our country.