What Happened When A Massive Colony Of Ants Took Over An Abandoned Nuclear Power Plant

When structures become abandoned, nature tends to reclaim what once was, to the point that over time it can disappear entirely. This is no different when it comes to nuclear power plants, which can be swallowed by the surrounding landscape and become home to the wildlife in the area. This is precisely what happened to a nuclear power plant in Poland. However, the creatures that took up residence there might surprise people. Take a look to see what happened when a colony of ants became trapped inside and the extreme lengths they went to survive.

Looking For Bats

Outside underground bunker
Pinterest/Dark Roasted Blend
Pinterest/Dark Roasted Blend

Back in 2013, a group of Polish scientists made a journey to an abandoned bunker where they assumed they were going to be able to observe a colony of bats that they were studying.

The bunker had been part of a now-abandoned nuclear power plant, and the team wasn’t entirely sure what they might find. The facility was now overgrown and home to a variety of different creatures.