Celebrities Trolling Other Celebrities On Instagram Is Everything We Ever Needed

We all know the moment when a regular friendship turns into a bestie friendship is when you can start being mean to each other. Before, you’re worried if your sarcasm or jokes will come off the wrong way. But eventually, you accept that this person is your ride or die and that your job is to keep them humble.

Celebrities, they’re just like us! Even people like Orlando Bloom need to be told when they’re only posting a photo for the likes. Not only do they use Instagram to make us all feel sad and depressed about our own lives, but they also use it to troll each other. And thankfully, the internet is always there to document it.

Chrissy Teigen Isn’t Afraid To Troll Anyone, Even Her Husband

Photo credit: @commentsbycelebs / Instagram
Photo credit: @commentsbycelebs / Instagram

Should any of us really be surprised that Chrissy called out her husband for all of us to see? She has never shied away from a trolling opportunity. I wonder if she prefers Count-Chocula-John or Arthur-John? Both are such good looks on him.

The redeeming thing is that she made fun of herself and that tan at the same time.