Facts You Need To Know About The Best Musical Acts Of The 90’s

The nineties saw a rise in popularity of new musical genres that no one has ever heard before. Bands from that decade created a unique sound with catchy lyrics in a way that captured the enthusiasm and disillusionment of that era.

The 90’s bands and solo artists here have covered all kinds of musical genres. From the grunge era to the low-fi garage rock and aspiring rappers, the nineties had nothing but experimentation and style. Take a moment to give some of your favorite 90’s artists some love.

Pearl Jam Is One Of The Most Important Bands Of The Nineties


Photo Credit: Jon Super/Redferns/Getty Images

One of the most influential bands in the grunge era, Pearl Jam throttled into the limelight with its debut album Ten, in 1991.

The members of the group have become noted for their refusal to attach themselves to music industry practices. That meant refusing to give interviews and engaging in a publicised-boycott of Ticketmaster.