These Genius Inventions Solve Problems We Didn’t Even Know We Had

Container, Colander, And Cutting Board All In One

Diagram exploring Joseph Joseph's Rinse & Chop cutting board
Pinterest/WayneC Chen
Pinterest/WayneC Chen

If you’ve prepared veggies before, you know the drill: You have to chop the food, strain them to get rid of the tiny bits, and carry handfuls to the pan or tray. Typically, you’d need several tools to pull all of this off. But why not save counter space by using one tool?

The Rinse & Chop board is a cutting board, holder, and colander all in one. The board folds slightly so you can rinse your vegetables without moving them to a colander. Then, you can swiftly transfer the veggies to a bowl, pot, pan, or tray. And it’s only $15 on Amazon!