These Genius Inventions Solve Problems We Didn’t Even Know We Had

Modern technology is constantly evolving and that means a lot of competition to have your inventions highlighted among an ocean of options. Beneath the shadow of large, popular companies, these inventions still shine bright.

We’re here to bring these lesser-known, equally ingenious inventions into the spotlight. From a strainer/cutting board hybrid to a touch-screen desk to rotating outlet extensions, these products solve problems that some of us forgot we even had. Here are inventions that’ll make you lament, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Hold Your Onion For The Perfect Slice

Person uses stainless steel onion holder to chop their onion

If you worry about slicing your fingers while chopping vegetables, then you may want to look into this product. The Orblue All-in-One Onion Holder allows you to keep food in place without using your hands. This fork-like instrument sticks into vegetables and divides your food into perfectly even slices.

Although the holder is marketed toward onions, you can use it for tomatoes, zucchini, potatoes, carrots — any vegetable that’s big enough. If you want a hands-free vegetable cutter, you can get the Mueller Onion Chopper. It works like a waffle iron and dices your onion with a single press.