Mom Buys Bag From Goodwill And Finds A Hole That Changes Everything

Have you ever lost something precious to you and thought you’d never get it back? A woman by the name of Sarah Thomas from Oregon loves thrifting and even has her own business of reselling interesting items she finds through Facebook. One day, she found a vintage designer bag that she couldn’t pass up because she knew it would earn a lot on the resale market. Little did she know that bag would end up changing someone’s life for the better after realizing it was heavier than usual.

An Unexpected Find

World Slide Stories/YouTube
World Slide Stories/YouTube

One day, Oregon resident Sarah Thomas saw a bag at a thrift store that she couldn’t let pass. After purchasing, she turned it over to inspect it, and something heavy moved. That’s when she started to investigate harder.

After rummaging around the purchase, feeling along the lining, Thomas wanted to know what it was in there. “How odd,” she thought as she checked the compartments. Then, Thomas discovered a hole in the lining and reached further down. Her hand glassed over a strange rectangular object, and she knew right away what it was and that it didn’t belong there…