Here’s What Your Favorite Celebrities Wore To Wimbledon This Year

So, we all know that Wimbledon is supposed to be about tennis, but for us style enthusiasts, the tennis is just a backdrop to all of the wonderful Wimbledon fashion. Every year we eagerly await the classy pantsuits and trendy sunhats.

Keep reading to see how Kate Middleton decided to step out to the match. Check out Victoria Beckham’s dress choice. Tennis is nice, but we’re here for the clothes.

Emma Watson


Photo Credit: Karwai Tang/WireImage

Emma Watson, AKA Hermione Granger, AKA the most perfectly proportioned human on the planet, rocked a few neutral ensembles this year.

I wonder how many of those similar, yet slightly different hats she owns. I can’t tell if she’s holding a book or a clutch that looks like a book, but I’m going to assume it’s the latter.