How Making A Murderer Continues To Make A Case For Itself

When Making A Murderer premiered in 2015, it helped kick off the true crime trend in pop culture. The Internet has become involved in the case, and almost everyone has an opinion on what really happened.

While most people are convinced Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey were framed, others questioned the documentary’s motive. The Netflix Original series brought attention to a case, a bunch of new information has been discovered. But will it be enough to free both gentlemen?

Who Is Steven Avery?


Avery was wrongfully convicted in 1985 of sexual assault and attempted murder. After 18 years of a 20-year jail sentence, he was exonerated thanks to DNA testing, leading to his release in 2003. He would go on to file a lawsuit against Manitowoc County, and its former sheriff, for $36 million.

In 2005, he was arrested for the murder of photographer Teresa Halbach and charged with the murder. She was last seen taking photos of a car for sale for Auto-Trade Magazine. After a two-year battle, Avery was convicted and sentenced to life in prison in 2007.