If You Don’t Really Get Technology, Don’t Worry, Neither Do These People

Not all of us can be as knowledgeable as the technological wizards who run the world now. For a lot of us, figuring out how to connect to wifi on the first try is a personal victory. Things were so much more straightforward when all you needed to know about tech was that if the house phone sounded fuzzy, you were on the internet.

Now, technology runs every little thing in life. Seriously. Ever water fountains are controlled by an app now. If you think technology has gone too far and you have no idea what’s going on anymore, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Attaching A Heart-Shaped Selfie To Every Photo Isn’t That Bad

Photo credit: ZDaetwiler / Imgur
Photo credit: ZDaetwiler / Imgur

This man couldn’t figure out how to turn off the feature on his phone that added a heart-shaped selfie to every single photo. To be honest, I don’t even know how he turned that feature on in the first place.

I doubt many people even knew this feature exists, so can we really blame this poor guy?