The Most Notorious People Who Were In The Witness Protection Program

The American Witness Protection Program promises to guard witnesses before, during, and after trial. Often, witnesses receive protection from criminal groups that they testify against in court. Many receive a new name and occupation before being sent to a random U.S. town.

Some of the most notorious criminals, mobsters, and Mafia members have gone into the Witness Protection Program. even more surprising– several continued committing crimes after their name change. Others lived peacefully and helped the FBI bust dozens of fellow criminals. Here are the most famous (and infamous) members of the Witness Protection Program.

Henry Hill Busted His Fellow Criminals

Henry Hill's mugshot is from 1980.
Wikipedia Commons
Wikipedia Commons

Henry Hill was an American mobster in the mid-20th century. As a member of the Lucchese family, he focused on drug crimes in the Bronx and Manhattan in New York. In 1980, Hill was arrested, and life changed for him after that.

Hill became an FBI informant, and to remain anonymous, he entered the Witness Protection Program. Hill, his wife Gina, and their two kids changed their names and moved to several undisclosed locations. He left the Witness Protection Program in the ’90s after his testimonies led to 50 arrests. His life story was the basis for the critically acclaimed film Goodfellas.