In The Wake Of The Notre-Dame Fire, Experts Made A Disturbing Discovery

In April 2019, the world looked on in horror as Notre-Dame, one of the world’s most iconic places of worship, was engulfed in flames. This was no ordinary fire. It left the building almost completely destroyed, along with the countless pieces of history within. Then, one year later, as experts were in the process of renovating the Gothic beams and arches of Notre-Dame de Paris, a discovery was made amid the piles of ash and debris that can only be described as disturbing.

The Beginning Of The End

Notre-Dame on fire
FABIEN BARRAU/AFP via Getty Images
FABIEN BARRAU/AFP via Getty Images

On April 15, 2019, everything seemed to be in order at Notre-Dame de Paris. However, that was until the early evening set in. This was when an alarm notified the staff that there was a fire somewhere in the historic cathedral.

After evacuating everyone inside, they rushed to try and put out the fire before it could spread, only to realize that it wasn’t where they thought it was. By the time they pinpointed the location of the fire, it was already beginning to grow out of control.