Sausage Vending Machines Are Taking Off In Germany

Sausages in vending machines
Christophe Gateau/picture alliance via Getty Images
Christophe Gateau/picture alliance via Getty Images

While most countries’ vending machines come stocked with snacks or beverages that don’t perish quickly, Germany is taking things to the next level after they introduced a new kind of vending machine. Sprinkled throughout the country are vending machines packed full of bratwurst, bockwurst, and various barbecue meats.

According to a German Press Agency, the machines are exploding outside of German cities where shops are less likely to stay open for extended periods of time. Industry spokesperson Heike Richter commented, “Especially in structurally weak, rural areas, vending machine solutions are becoming increasingly popular.”

Seeing how well the sausage vending machine is going, apparently, people in the industry are now looking into machines that would be able to provide other products such as milk and eggs. Many of these machines have multiple kinds of meats available along with other staples such as potato salad and other sides.

Currently, there are over 570,000 vending machines across Germany, and although they are doing extremely well, they have proven to not be a threat to businesses. Studies have shown that people are mainly utilizing the machines for their purpose, which is to buy products when stores are closed. Or, placing them where stores can’t afford to open.

According to Wolfgang Kampmeier of the Berlin-Brandenburg trade association, “Vending machines will play a complementary role in brick-and-mortar retailing.” However, Germany tips their hats to Japan who has been utilizing unusual vending machines long before anyone else.