The Big 10: Seth Rogen Shares Some Facts To Celebrate The Anniversary Of Pineapple Express

For stoner-comedy buddies, there’s Cheech and Chong, Harold and Kumar, and of course, there’s Dale and Saul. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg came up with one of the best stoner comedies ever. It’s hard to believe that Pineapple Express has been around for over a decade. It’s one of the most quotable and endlessly re-watchable films of all time.

To commemorate the movie turning the big 10, Seth Rogen to took his Twitter account to share some juicy facts about the comedy. So, don’t be surprised if you blaze on through these facts behind the cannabis-packed film!

The Name Pineapple Express Is From A Hawaiian Weather System

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Photo Credit: @Sethrogen/Twitter

Shockingly, it’s not a strain of the reefer madness. It’s a non-technical term for a meteorological phenomenon. It features a strong and persistent flow of atmospheric moisture that’s associated with heavy rain from the waters adjacent to the Hawaiian Islands.

Now, this is something most people wouldn’t know, but thanks to Rogen, anytime someone says “Pineapple Express” you now know that it has two very different meanings.

The Movie Became The Fastest Stoner Comedy To Ever Break $100 Million At The Box Office


Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures/MovieStillsDb

The movie had a $25-million budget. It didn’t take long for the movie to become the first stoner comedy to ever break $100-million at the box office.

Overall, the movie made $102 million, which is impressive since it was going head-to-head against The Dark Knight at the time. The record would only stay down pat for a few years. In 2012, Ted took over as the highest grossing stoner film ever, with $218 million.

Bryan Cranston Was Rejected As A Drug Dealer

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Photo Credit: @JuddApatow/Twitter

Producer Judd Apatow didn’t think the Malcolm and the Middle star was scary enough to play a drug dealer. Fans of Apatow were quick to conclude that he deserves credit for the existence of Breaking Bad.

Nonetheless, at this point, we all know for sure that Apatow has never been more wrong about a casting decision. This is pretty amazing if you think about it. But, we can say, thanks for not casting him, Judd! Wait until you find out who played Danny McBride’s ex-wife in the film!

Saul Was Inspired By Brad Pitt’s Stoner Character Floyd From True Romance


Photo Credit: Warner Bros./MovieStillsDb

Some people noticed the similarities, but others didn’t. Franco’s stoner character had similarities to Brad Pitt’s couch-surfing pothead in True Romance.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Apatow admitting that the whole idea of the movie comes from Pitt’s character. The Knocked Up director thought it would be funny to make a movie with a character who largely just hung out in his apartment and watch him get chased by the bad guys.

Seth And James Franco Switched Roles

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Photo Credit: @Sethrogen/Twitter

According to Rogen, initially the Canadian wrote his character for Franco. However, the Freaks and Geeks star wanted to play Saul instead. Nevertheless, Rogen was down to do the switch only because he didn’t really care at all.

However, one can’t help but think about if they never switched roles. Would the movie be the same? Maybe not, but that’s a possibility that I don’t ever want to think of again.

Stormy Daniels Made A Short Cameo

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Photo Credit: @Sethrogen/Twitter

Long before she was in the news, Stormy Daniels appeared in the film. In the movie, Red brings up that his ex-wife is getting out of jail.

When a photo is shown of Red and his ex-wife, the woman in the photo is the adult entertainment actress herself. However, in April 2018, Rogen, who appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, revealed that he knew of the alleged affair over 10 years ago. Fun fact: Seth Rogen got a certain band to record a song for the film. Find out which recorded for them and Back to the Future!

Danny McBride Was Taped To A Chair All Day


Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures/MovieStillsDb/@Sethrogen/Twitter

In this case, Danny McBride was the guinea pig for Pineapple Express. His character, Red, was duct-taped to a chair like superglue. The actor actually had to spend the entire day stuck in the chair.

Only because that if they were to take the tape off, it would take too long to get everything back in place. So, McBride had to sit there with all of the patience in the world. It certainly paid off for McBride.

The Daewoo Lano Kill Was Supposed To Be A Ford Fiesta

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Photo Credit: @Sethrogen/Twitter

In one of the film’s last action scenes, Red saves the day when he crashes his lemon-yellow Daewoo Lano through a barn door. He rammed and killed the antagonist before stepping out and yelling, “You just got killed by a Daewoo Lanos!”

However, Rogen would explain in a Tweet that the car was originally going to be a Ford Fiesta. Ford decided that they didn’t want their car involved in a murder scene. Ultimately, the decision led to a hilarious line by McBride.

Rogen Got Huey Lewis And The News To Record The The Film’s Theme

Rogen Got Huey Lewis And The News To Record The The Film’s Theme
PHOENIX, AZ – OCTOBER 21: Huey Lewis of Huey Lewis and The News performs at the Lost Lake Music Festival on October 21, 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona. (Photo by Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images)

Photo Credit: Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images/@Sethrogen/Twitter

Rogen was able to convince Huey Lewis to record a title theme song for the movie. As awesome and joyous as this amazing creation is, it still doesn’t beat “Back In Time” and “The Power of Love” from the hit film Back to the Future.

Director David Gordon Green wanted the song to “Sound like Lewis’ work that they loved so much from the eighties.” However, after all of these years, I honestly thought there was no theme song to the movie. M.I.A’s first big single was more than just the trailer song of the year. Why her song wasn’t used in the movie is still on the way.

Seth And Evan Rolled All Of Them

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Photo Credit: @Sethrogen/Twitter

According to Rogen’s tweet, he and Evan Goldberg rolled 100 or so joints shaped like crosses. The scene where Rogen and Franco light the cross joint was rolled by the actor and Goldberg simply because nobody else on the crew knew how to roll them properly.

It’s no surprise that Rogen and Goldberg would be the masterminds behind the infamous cross joint that had many movie-goers wondering “How do you smoke that?”

Franco Wears A Head Band In The Movie To Cover Up An Injury


Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures/MovieStillsdb/@Sethrogen/Twitter

Sometimes, actors can go too far over the edge. In this case, Franco wears a headband for a reasonable duration of the movie. In Rogen’s Tweet, he revealed that Franco ended up with the worst of it all.

In the scene where he’s running through the woods, he hits his head on a tree beach, and the actor ended up hitting his head on a screw. The real injury required multiple stitches, while Rogen only hit his head on a tree branch.

Sorry, M.I.A. Fans

MIA Paper Planes .jpg

Photo Credit: @Sethrogen/Twitter

M.I.A. had a major hit when “Paper Planes” was released in 2007. The song found new life thanks to being in the trailer for Pineapple Express.

The song was not in the movie or in the film’s soundtrack, even though the filmmakers asked for permission. The musician didn’t really think it through and digital downloads were a factor in whether or not filmmakers wanted to use it in the movie. In keeping with the theme of the movie, read ahead to see what marketing executives did with a billboard in Los Angeles.

Rogen, Franco, And McBride All Had An Injury

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Photo Credit: Giphy/@Sethrogen/Twitter

Franco wasn’t the only actor who suffered a serious injury. Both of his co-stars got injured as well. Remember the scene when the trio get into a fight at Red’s house?

Well, there were some issues. Rogen revealed in a tweet that he broke a finger, whereas McBride ended up with a cracked skull. Despite suffering these surprising injuries, it’s good to know that the three of them prevailed and gave us a laugh time of memories.

Rogen Did 99% Of His Own Stunts


Photo Credit: Giphy/@Sethrogen/Twitter

It would have been such a waste of production money to hire a stuntman. It’s no surprise that Rogen stepped up and bravely did his own stunts. It’s amazing that even after breaking a finger, Rogan continued on and still performed it all himself.

It seems like he had a lot of fun jumping down to attack Gary Cole, who is one of the film’s main antagonist. I’m just glad he didn’t hurt himself again, or else that would have completely sucked.

Temporarily, The Film Had A Smoking Billboard

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Photo Credit: @danielvassalli/Twitter/@Sethrogen/Twitter

Marketing for movies can require some serious creativity. In keeping with the theme of the stoner comedy, the film’s marketing department went above and beyond. They commissioned a billboard on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.

The only problem was that it emitted smoke from a cannabis leaf, but people kept thinking it was on fire. Rogen tweeted that the fire department received numerous calls, and the sign was forced to be taken down. For people who are into what they were selling, Rogen’s dream of selling his product would come soon enough. Find out what that was shortly.

The Drawings From Superbad

superbad scene .jpg

Photo Credit: Netflix/@Sethrogen/Twitter

What an awesome tie-back to Superbad. The crew was apparently filming for another specific shot for the high school comedy during the shooting of Pineapple Express.

Remember the scene where Dale and Saul are in the woods running from the cops? Well, during that time, they also grabbed a few shots of the dick drawings in Superbad. If you haven’t seen Pineapple Express in a while, today feels like the perfect day to revisit that.

Danny McBride Was Really Funny

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Photo Credit: Giphy/@Sethrogen/Twitter

What’s not to love about Danny McBride? In fact, Red was supposed to die the first time he’s shot. However, Rogen tweeted out that he thought his co-star was pretty hilarious and it would be a waste to let him go.

He was so funny to the point where Rogen kept bringing him back to do more scenes. The part was McBride’s first well-known role in his career. The actor came to prominence thanks to his HBO comedy Eastbound & Down. He would also star in Tropic Thunder and This Is The End.

There Was None Of The Pineapple Express Stuff

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Photo Credit: Giphy/@Sethrogen/Twitter

Their dream came true years later. The actor said they hoped one day that people would sell it with that name. Of course, that day would happen and it’s no surprise people were quick to use the name Pineapple Express.

Looking for some of that strain? Honestly, go and Google it. You’ll be amazed to see how many people are passionately behind one of the best modern stoner comedies we have ever seen.

Kanye Came To The Premiere

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Photo Credit: ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images/@Sethrogen/Twitter

Yup, Kanye sure did make an appearance at the premiere! It’s no surprise because Rogen admitted to Seth Meyers that they both shared the same trainer. But, their relationship didn’t stop there.

Apparently, Rogen told Meyers that Kanye would follow him around and cite quotes from his movies. It sounds weird and bizarre, but what else are you supposed to do when you’re a fan of each other’s work? It only makes sense to make each other uncomfortable.

Possible Sequel


Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures/MovieStillsDb

The big question that gets asked a lot is whether or not Pineapple Express will ever get a sequel. Rogen was said numerous times that he would love for that to happen.

Unfortunately, studio executives don’t seem too excited about it because producer Judd Apatow is asking for more money. Plus, fans want the sequel to happen. Badly. Especially after Sony released a teaser trailer for “the sequel” as an April Fool’s joke.