The History Of Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company

When you think of iconic American companies today, you might think of tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Facebook. But what about one of America’s earliest brands: Harley-Davidson. There’s no story closer to the American dream than that of the iconic motorcycle company.

From their humble beginnings in a 10×15 foot tool shed to surviving the Great Depression and moving on to world motorcycle domination, the Harley-Davidson company has shown American strength and resilience for more than 100 years. Read on to learn some interesting facts about how the century-old company has managed to remain an iconic part of American history.

The First Harley-Davidson Was Built In A Shed

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Well, technically it was the company’s first factory, but in reality, it was just a 10-foot-by-15-foot garden shed in the Davidson family’s backyard. It was there that William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson created the first “real” motorcycle in 1903.

The bike was based on the design of the Milwaukee Merkel motorcycle, but had a bigger engine and frame design. Even though it was the first, the prototype only lasted a year before they began tinkering to make it even better.