The Worst Fast Food Chains In America

With Americans always being on the go, what better invention is there then the fast-food restaurant? It’s a cheap yet quick way to pack on some calories for your day. Much to the dismay of the industry, fast-food chains are starting to lose their luster. Trends are moving towards quality, fresh food. With so many chains struggling to meet these demands, customers are not coming back like they used to. A Consumer Picks survey tallied up consumer scores of the most popular restaurants in America based on customer loyalty. Continue and find out which places fair the worst, you’ll be surprised at the results.

No Fun For Cinnabon

a clear view of cinnabon

You can bet that many guests that consume Cinnabon are in the mood for freshly-baked pastries. The problem is that only 40 percent of their customers return for more. The company is struggling to survive, so they’ve tried to spice up their brand.

Still, not many are biting. On top of that, the quality of food and service at Cinnabon gets bad reviews. Having “rude employees” makes it hard for people to support consistently. Reheating the goods instead of giving out fresh ones also discourages folks.