These Actors Have To Live Their Lives Knowing They’ll Always Be The B-List Version Of Another Actor

It’s hard enough to establish yourself as a credible actor. It’s even harder when there is another credible actor who looks a little too much like you. It doesn’t matter how much talent you have. You’ll always end up typecasted as the B-list version of your doppelgänger.

All of the actors and actresses on this list are amazing in their own right — they just caught an unlucky break. It’s especially rough if you’re a younger sibling forced to compete against your talented older brother. These actors are trying to claw their way onto the A-list and out of the shadow of other actors, but it’s not going to be easy.

Jesse Plemons Is Like Matt Damon If He Let Himself Go

matt and fat damon.jpg

Photo credit: Frank Trapper / Corbis / Getty Images & Noam Galai / WireImage / Getty Images

Plemons has a pretty impressive acting career of his own that includes credits for Bridge of Spies and The Post. But no amount of dramatic roles will take away from the fact that he’s a redheaded, rounder version of Matt Damon.

Plus, it’s hard to compete with an actor who wrote and starred in his first major blockbuster. The lesson here is that if you’re ever watching something and say, “wow, Matt Damon doesn’t look so hot these days,” then you’re actually watching Jesse Plemons try his best.