These Everyday Objects Are So Much Cooler When They’re Cut In Half

Kids are told that appearance isn’t everything and that it’s what on the inside that counts. While our parents might have just said that to boost our confidence in middle school, that saying is applicable to more than just our personalities. Something can look much different on the inside than the outside, you just have to have the curiosity to cut it in half and find out.

From bowling balls to wasp nests, check out how much cooler these everyday objects look once you cut them in half.

Banana Tree Trunks Look More Like Seashells

banana tree trunks cut in half

Most people have never laid sight on a banana tree, nevermind seen its trunk cut in half. The unique spiral on the inside of the trunk is because banana trees aren’t even exactly trees. The banana plant is actually known as a herbaceous plant, which means the ‘trunk’ is just leaves rolled up over each other.

That means, unlike a regular tree trunk, the core is very soft and tender. People who live where the banana plants grow often eat the ‘trunk’ as well and consider it a vegetable.