This Woman’s Cat Is The Reason That She’s Late For Work Every Morning

Two roommates in São Paulo, Brazil, kept running late to work because their alarm clock wouldn’t wake them up.

Video proof that this cat turns off cell phone alarms

Nobody enjoys the sound of their alarm. That blaring noise signals showers, work, and cold floors. But some of us need alarms to get to work on time. Two women in Brazil couldn’t figure out why they kept sleeping through their alarm every morning. Once they began scrutinizing their cat, Joaquim, they found the culprit.

Joaquim had somehow learned how to turn off the alarm every morning. As proof, the women recorded a video of a phone alarm going off. Joaquim, who was previously relaxing on the dresser, pounced up and started pawing the phone until the alarm turned off.

In the video, the two women start cracking up when their cat begins to take action. It might be funny now, but they’ll have to keep their phones out of Joaquim’s reach from now on.

Let this story be a warning to pet owners: If your alarm fails to go off, your pet might be responsible.