We Bet Most Millennials Had No Idea These Celebrities Used To Be Total Smokeshows

There are some things that we all secretly assume and are shocked when we find out the truth. Do you remember the first time your parent’s dug out their old yearbook, and you realized they used to be young, cool, and actually kind of hot?

Well, seeing celebrities in their young, cool, and hot version is just as mindblowing. Baby Boomers and Gen X might remember these celebrities in their prime, but for Millennials and Gen Z, some of them will be unrecognizable. Believe it or not, Diane Keaton didn’t always play the sweet mom in movies.

Martha Stewart’s First Career Was Modeling

Photo credit: Caesar100 / Reddit
Photo credit: Caesar100 / Reddit

Why did no one tell me that Martha Stewart used to be a smokeshow before she ended up on a cooking show? Snoop Dogg probably only agreed to their joint TV show after seeing Stewart looking this cool.

But let’s also take a moment to acknowledge the fact she has repped in button-up tunic shirts all her life.