Why This Couple Waited Nine Years To Open Their Wedding Gift

Family members often put a lot of thought into their relative’s wedding gifts. Sometimes they buy off the registry, and other times, they get something unique. Either way, the couple usually opens their gift immediately, but one couple in Michigan was different.

Brandon and Kathy Gunn received a present with a mysterious note and they decided not to open it for a whopping nine years. The gift was from Kathy’s great aunt, and it promised to solve their arguments. Read on the find out what was inside the unique gift.

Nine Years Later Their Favorite Gift Was Still Unopened

A white present has a note that says
Love What Matters/Facebook
Love What Matters/Facebook

While Brandon and Kathy talked about wedding gifts, they remembered their personal favorite. Ironically, their best wedding gift still sat in the closet, unopened. Neither Brandon nor Kathy had peeked inside throughout their nine years of marriage.

The couple eventually decided to unwrap that gift one night and discover what lay inside. But the present’s meaning didn’t come from what was inside. The meaning came from the nine years in which the couple refused to open it.