Woman Flips Out When She Realizes What’s On Her Thrift Store Dress Tag

From antique furniture to family heirlooms, you can find anything at thrift stores. Many people visit these shops to expand their collection, and Shannon Hiramoto is one of those customers. For years, she has perused thrift shops for vintage muumuus, a traditional Hawaiian dress. Her love of this style descended from a long line of muumuu-lovers.

But when Shannon noticed one muumuu’s tag, her entire life changed.The chances of finding this particular dress were close to none. Here is the story of Shannon Hiramoto and her family bond through Hawaiian fashion.

For Shannon, Thrift Shopping Was More Than Just A Hobby

Shannon Hiramoto wears one of her muumuus while holding a bouquet

Shannon Hiramoto often spent her off time in the thrift stores of Kauai. Of all her favorite thrift store clothes, she loved vintage muumuus the most. Muumuu dresses are loose, hang from the shoulder, and often sport Polynesian floral patterns.

“So I’m always hunting for muumuu’s,” Shannon explained. “That’s my hobby, the vintage ones.” During her search, she found an entire rack of these dresses at a Salvation Army in Lihue. Jackpot!