Vacationers Beware: Dangerous Bodies Of Water To Avoid

When you’re vacationing in a hot climate, there’s nothing better than taking a walk down to the beach, kicking your shoes off, getting your toes in the sand, and jumping into the water. That’s all well and good at most popular beaches, but there are some locations where the water just isn’t hospitable.

Use this information when you’re planning your next trip because you don’t want to end up dipping your delicate toes into these dangerous waters.

Jacob’s Lake

Photo Credit: reddit / properNon
Photo Credit: reddit / properNon

This is a photo of Jacob’s Lake which is located in south-central Texas. The water in this lake is super cool and clear, so you can pretty much see all the way down to the bottom. This lake has an intricate system of tunnels and caves in its depths, which can be fun to explore with proper diving gear.

The problem is, if you go in with too little oxygen or you don’t have the right equipment, you can easily get lost in that system of tunnels and not be able to make your way back to the surface in time.