Don’t Make These Mistakes While Visiting Japan

Japan is quickly becoming a favorite among travelers. In 2018, the country received over 30 million tourists. People from Western countries love how different the culture is. Unfortunately, it’s this cultural gap that causes tourists to make mistakes.

These mistakes aren’t just etiquette breaches; they can land you in trouble. You can get arrested for taking an undesired photo. You could end up waiting forever for your server. With the right cultural and travel knowledge, you won’t make these common mistakes in Japan.

Don’t Look For A Trash Can

Trash cans and recycling bins line a street in Japan.
Getty Images
Getty Images

Don’t expect Japan to have trash cans on every block. Since the 1995 sarin gas attacks, garbage cans have largely disappeared from Japanese cities. As a result, you may not find a trash can for miles. Don’t waste your time searching for one. Experienced travelers will carry their trash until they find a garbage can.

While you’re out, carry a “trash bag” with you to store your wrappers and bottles. Whatever you do, don’t litter. In Japan, it’s public courtesy to carry your garbage, and you can face a $300 fine if you’re caught dropping trash.