It’s Hard Not To Laugh At These Ridiculous Headstones

The words on a headstone are the last a deceased person is remembered by. With such a tall order, you would think people would take the job of deciding what should be written on them seriously. But for some, having one last joke is the best way to go. You wouldn’t think that something as grim as death could be so funny, but these headstones prove that comedy can make any situation a little brighter. Whether its a self-deprecating joke or an odd statue, these tombstones would be hard to pass in a graveyard without letting out a chuckle.

Still Not Impressed

We always talk about dreaming big in life, but this deceased person dreamed big in death, too. Why settle for a stone when you can have a pyramid? Ironically, this stone is pretty basic.

A headstone reads "I was hoping for a pyramid"
Kiersten Strassburg/ Pinterest
Kiersten Strassburg/ Pinterest

They at least you have given the individual a pyramid-shaped headstone. A little paint, detailing, maybe some sand and this person’s death wish would have been granted. After all, they didn’t specify where or how large they wanted the pyramid to be.