Maps That Show Us A New Perspective

Like a side-view mirror, sometimes on maps, things look bigger to us than they actually appear. Think about it; a world map shows Greenland as this giant landmass the size of South America when really it’s quite tiny, comparatively speaking.

Then there is the Mongolian Empire, a massive region conquering of over nine million square miles. But what does that area look like on a map when compared to the rest of the world? Don’t worry; these maps will shed light on the true scope of things and may even help you obtain a more worldly perspective.

Red Features A Total Population Greater Than The Gray

As you can clearly see by this map, Americans tend to favor the coastal states, considering the red areas represent a greater population than that of the gray area. With a vast majority of “red” being in southern California, it seems as though people flock to the west coast for the lifestyle: the promise of year-round summer.

Red Features A Total Population Greater Than The Grey

Then, some favor the eastern seaboard, enjoying the lifestyles of New Englanders and the tri-state area. What we can conclude from the map is that the colder and more rural states aren’t on the “move-to” list for many of the 328.2 million Americans.