These International Foods Are Banned From The United States

There are plenty of foods that are banned in the United States that are completely normal to eat in other countries. Lots of these foods seem so harmless, it’s a wonder why they are even banned at all in the U.S. From traditional Scottish delicacies to horse meat, you’re missing out on these foods in the states.


Haggis is a traditional Scottish delicacy. Characterized as a savory pudding, it primarily consists of sheep’s pluck, which is a combination of its heart, liver, and lungs. Haggis is traditionally encased and cooked in the sheep’s own stomach, though in modern times artificial casings and puff pastry have been used.

Graeme Robertson/Getty Images
Graeme Robertson/Getty Images

The U.S. has banned the importation of haggis due to the fact that it contains sheep’s lung. All animal lungs are banned by the USDA since bodily fluids such as phlegm and stomach acid could enter the lungs during the slaughtering process.