Woman Learns What Happened To Her Message In A Bottle 45 Years Later

Tina Green-Allera/Facebook
Tina Green-Allera/Facebook

Tina Green was 11 years old when she threw a message in a bottle from a Michigan lighthouse. Now, 45 years later, she finally learned what happened to her note.

Back on August 29, 1974, Tina Green, now Tina Green-Allera, was visiting her grandparents when she put a message into an empty vodka bottle and threw it from the lighthouse at the Old Mission Peninsula.

After forgetting about the bottle for 45 years, Green-Allera was astounded when she rediscovered a Facebook message from a man named Eric Amon who had apparently found her note.

The message had been sent to her four years earlier, but she never responded. She stated (It) was someone I didn't recognize their name, so I didn’t open it [...] Finally, probably about two weeks ago, I went in and got a new phone. There is this message still from this person in Traverse City."

Apparently, Amon had discovered the bottle buried at a construction site just a few miles from where Green-Allera had thrown it all those years ago. Green-Allera told WJW Newsradio, "It's just such a treasure [...] It's memories of my grandparents up there. And it's changed so much, that area is just so busy now. So it's just memories of when it was peaceful and quiet."

Green-Allera was happy to announce that she and Amon are going to meet together so he could return her message in a bottle. During their meet-up in Traverse City, they also plan on recording a podcast about the whole ordeal.