Man Creates A Floatation Device To Save His Goldfish

Goldfish Wheelchair
Craters Clips/YouTube
Craters Clips/YouTube

The 32-year-old fashion designer Henry Kim from South Korea has a special place in his heart for goldfish. He keeps over 20 of them in separate aquariums located in his home. After losing a few of his beloved fish to a disease, he created a home-made "wheelchair" to save those who are infected with the disease.

Swim bladder disease is a common condition that can affect goldfish which disrupts their ability to regulate the air going in and of their swim bladder. This can cause the fish to swim on its side or upside down.

According to Kim, "Swim bladder disorder can be caused by many reasons such as overeating or unclean waters. I normally find it in fish that have been imported to Korea from Thailand or China."

So, to remedy this problem, Kim created a contraption that helps the fish stay in a correct position underwater. After countless hours of tinkering and online research, the final product that he came out with is known as the "wheelchair." The device is made out of plastic and fits snug around the fish, balancing them as they swim.

Kim commented on his invention stating, "Fish with this issue only live a couple of months, but thanks to this device, one of my fish has lived to be five months old. My wheelchair helps them stay afloat and have a longer life."

Although no plans have been made yet, his creation went viral and it's highly possible that he might be able to turn it into a business.