Do Your Research Before Planting One Of These Trees That Might Ruin Your Yard

At some point in every gardener’s life, they have to consider which trees they wish to keep or plant in their yard. Certainly, the right tree can transform a landscape into a piece of art. But the wrong tree can uproot a yard and crush sidewalks.

After reading about these trees, you may not want them near your home. Planting or keeping just one of them could potentially have damaging effects on your property, including containing toxins that harm surrounding plants and animals.

Eastern Cottonwoods Are Very Fragile

Some homeowners love cottonwood trees because they’re aesthetically pleasing and low-maintenance. However, they’re also fragile. They have shallow and soft root systems that are prone to disease. If the roots rot, the tree will fall during the next big storm.


True to its name, Eastern cottonwoods also produce cotton-like spores that stick to everything. The trunk is brittle and easily rots from insects and diseases. If you don’t want to risk a huge tree falling on your car or home, don’t plant a cottonwood.