This Hairdresser Received The Most Heartfelt Letter From A Widower

These days, the value of workers can often be overlooked. When a widower realized that his late wife’s trip to the salon was one of her last happy moments in life, he became overwhelmed with gratitude. He wrote the hairstylist a heartfelt letter, which made all the difference during a time when her career was at stake. Read on to see how the seemingly average event became profound to a loving husband, a considerate hairdresser, and a woman nearing the end of her life.

Sara The Hairstylist

Sara Verkuilen/Facebook
Sara Verkuilen/Facebook

Sara was living an average life in Illinois. She had recently gotten married and had a son. Her career as a hairstylist was going well, but she couldn’t have known what a difference she would make in the life of one of her clients.

Sara also had no clue that the story would circulate the internet and bring her more praise than she could have possibly imagined that she would receive. It goes to show that one small act of kindness can go a very long way.