Man Stunned After Learning Truth About Photo Purchased From Pawn Shop

Going to the pawnshop can be loads of fun thanks to the surprise factor. You walk in and you never know what to expect to see, but your taste and gut feeling will help you determine what to buy. In 2010, Randy Guijarro only had a few dollars in his pocket during one of his trips and chose to buy some black and white photos because he thought he felt a special connection to them. Once he returned home and realized who was in the pictures, the goosebumps came. It wasn’t until years later he realized how valuable his purchase was…

A Man Who Loves Possessions Of The Past

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Linda Guijarro/Facebook
Linda Guijarro/Facebook

Randy Guijarro was in Fresno, California when he wanted to browse around at an old antique shop. He searched for something eye-catching that he could take home with him, but not just anything.

He was a collector who loved finding possessions from the past, so he didn’t have ordinary preferences. The history buff knew that going to pawnshops was similar to treasure hunting, but he could’ve never imagined that he would stumble upon this particular reward