Hilarious Kid Answers To Test Questions

Learning new, fascinating, and sometimes boring facts in school is a rather daunting task. If you really think about it, kids have to be prepared to learn new things every day and then regurgitate that information in the form of test answers.

Sometimes, kids nail their tests and other times they provide answers that are wrong but worth a few points just because of the humor they bring to our lives. Here are some absolutely correct but wrong test answers that will have you rolling on the floor laughing.

Sometimes Brutal Honesty Is The Best Answer

This kid might not have scored any points on their test but their outlook on life is strong. We have a feeling this young child will end up living the life of a startup entrepreneur. Even if they didn’t score 100% on their test, they are destined to be a real go-getter later in life. Good job kid and we give you an A+ on this assignment.