Let’s Do The Time Warp Again! Freaky Facts Behind The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Based on the hit musical The Rocky Horror Show, the film adaptation premiered on August 14, 1975. The film version was going to be a flop at the box office, but then midnight showings continued to feature the movie. Its following would drastically grow and grow even more.

People didn’t just watch the movie, but they live it thanks to the elaborate costumes, props, and very vulgar audience participation. Over four decades later, it remains a cult classic. To celebrate the birth of the film and it’s following, here are some little-known facts you may not have known about the movie.

It All Started To Keep An Unemployed Actor Busy


Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox/MovieStillsDb

When he wasn’t working as an actor, Richard O’Brien spent winter evenings pouring out his passion for science fiction and horror films. That would eventually become The Rocky Horror Show, and later, it would be renamed to The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Eventually, O’Brien showed his work to director Jim Sharman while they were working on a play together. Impressed by what he saw, Sharman convinced London’s Royal theater to give the show a few weeks in the tiny Upstairs theater.