A Confused Boyfriend Takes To Twitter To Hilariously Vent About What It’s Like To Live With His GF And Her Bestfriend

If you’ve ever had to live with a roommate or roommates, you know that it can either be the best time of your life, or it can be the worst. It’s one thing to be friends with someone, but it’s a completely different world when you actually live with them.

While most of the time guys tend to end up living with other fellas and girls end up with other girls, there are some outliers. A young man moved in with his girlfriend and her friend without realizing what he was getting himself into. He ended up living to tell the tale on Twitter, and we’re thankful he did because it’s absolutely hilarious. Enjoy the inevitable rollercoaster of emotions.

And So It Begins…


When you live with the same gender, you don’t truly get to appreciate the differences in the opposite sex.

Living with girls is COMPLETELY different than living with guys. There are a lot of little things that contrast the two and they all add up to making a huge difference.