Dark Secrets The Gaming Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know

Within the last few decades, video games have transitioned from a new and exciting pastime into a full-blown industry. Today, there are professional gamers whose devotion to games rival some of the world’s most common obsessions. Although playing video games may seem harmless for the most part, there are a lot of secrets that the industry doesn’t want you to know. Whether it’s the criminal activity you may be subjected to or some of the hidden secrets about how games are really made, these are the secrets that the video game industry doesn’t want you to know.

If your dream is to become a video game developer, you may want to do some more research.

The XBox 360 Ring Of Death


Photo Credits: David Paul Morris/Getty Images

When Microsoft first came out, the Xbox 360 was the console to have. Gamers were thrilled with their consoles and new games until something strange began to occur. The issue earned the nickname as the “Red Ring of Death.” If three red lights appear around your console’s power button, it essentially means that your Xbox has expired. It is estimated that 54.2% of Xbox 360 owners suffered from this problem.

The problem was caused by overheating from poor design since Microsoft wanted to keep the chic look of the console. When people began to complain, Microsoft denied everything, saying that the failure rate was between 3 and 5%. Eventually, they released a warranty extension that cost Microsoft one billion dollars.