A Man Hacked The Phoneline Of A Radio Station In LA In Order To Win A Porsche And Now I Want To Be A Hacker

The cyberspace is an ever growing community. There is no restriction as to how far you can reach out and explore the internet. It’s become a new way of life for many people.

With that being said, it’s also become a hotspot for criminal behavior. Some people use the cyberspace to target companies and people in hopes of wreaking havoc on their financial or personal information. This article talks about some of the most detrimental cyber attacks of all time.



Flame is a modular computer malware that was discovered in 2012 as a virus used to attack Middle Eastern computer systems that run on Microsoft.

It’s used by hackers for espionage purposes and it infected other systems and USB sticks from government organizations. It recorded audio and network traffic. It was discovered by an Iranian cybersecurity team in 2012.