A Man Put His Head In A Particle Accelerator And It Had An Insane Impact On His Body

Particle accelerators are machines that propel charged particles at light speed. It’s led to discoveries including new particles like the Higgs boson.

But, outside of the groundbreaking discovery, can you picture anyone getting their head stuck in an accelerator? Anatoli Bugorski did precisely that in 1978, and has a story that’s straight out of a movie.

In Order To Learn More About The Structure Of Matter, Particle Accelerators Were First Engineered In The 1930’s

Anna Pantelia/CERN
Anna Pantelia/CERN

These machines use magnetism to move particles at high speed. The purpose of this is to force particles to crash into each other, which leaves observable traces that provide information for scientists.

Ultimately, the results of these collisions can help prove or disprove theories concerning the mysteries of the universe.