A Man’s Dog Lures Him To An Abandoned Boat And What He Finds Hiding Underneath Is Shocking

If you’re a dog owner, you know that pups are quite the scent sniffers. They can find virtually any food, or animal, or person no matter where they are. Under the couch? Sure. On top of the counter? Absolutely. In a deep-wooded area? As you’re about to find out, YEP.

A group of guys headed off to a cabin for a bachelor party retreat and one of them brought their dog along (naturally). What happens next ruined their weekend plans altogether, but, it made for a great story.

A Usain Bolt Take-Off


Soon after the fellas got to their cabin, they were settling in nicely. All of the sudden, one of them saw the dog take off running out of nowhere.

She was transfixed on an area in the woods and wouldn’t let it go. She wouldn’t go back to the cabin without further investigation.