These People Were Today Years Old When They Discovered Some Mind Blowing Truths About The World

Did you know that The Beatles isn’t spelled like “beetles” the bugs because “Beatles” has the word “beat” in it? Like a music beat? I was way too old when I found that out. What things did you find out when you were today years old?

Keep reading to find out the truth behind your favorite nursery rhymes and how you’ve been eating Tic Tacs wrong your whole life.

Flames Don’t Cast Shadows

Photo Credit: @todayyearsoldig / Twitter
Photo Credit: @todayyearsoldig / Twitter

How old were you when you found out that flames don’t have shadows? It makes sense when you think about it. Shadows happen when a solid object blocks the light.

A flame is light, so it’s not blocking any light. I guess deep down I understood this, but I never really saw it play out.