These Are The Absolute Weirdest Inventions That Someone Actually Tried To Patent

It seems like people keep coming up with amazing new inventions every other day. But, with creativity and change comes some very weird ideas. Like, very weird.

Some people go overboard with their inventions. I guess it’s fair to say that not every new technology makes obvious sense. This article takes a closer look at the strangest patents ever filed and it’s actually hilarious and insightful.

Snake Walking System

Twitter / @LukeRomyn
Twitter / @LukeRomyn

Yes, a snake walking system was patented. Yes, it’s incredibly pointless. Yes, it’s also incredibly terrifying.

The device was patented with the purpose of safely collaring snakes so that people can spend more quality time with their (least) favorite reptile outside. I’m going to say that I hope this doesn’t come to fruition because I don’t want to see snakes at a dog park.